Day to day

Day to day- dating on earth is a new activity on the www for people living on earth!
The destination is to find 193 people around the world.
Actually the earth we live on has 193 states.
The first step is, to find one person of each of these states!

193 people - one earth
Actually the earth we live on has 193 states.List of states
We would like to find one person of each of thes states, who is willing to do something by respecting the following convention:

Rules of the earth

"Keep in mind; this earth is just once!
All people living long and prosper!
But without-non-violent
And ecological destruction"

"All people should be treated equal.
But all people have their oddities.
Vive la différence!

"Think globally, act locally.
The people have a right to work
and the right of home-baked bread
the right of earth
this earth!"

Denke daran, diese Erde gibt es nur einmal!
Alle Menschen sollen lange und glücklich leben,
aber ohne Gewalt
und Umweltzerstörung

Alle Menschen sollen gleich behandelt werden.
Jeder Einzelne hat seine Eigenheiten.
Es lebe der Unterschied!
Freiheit, Gleichheit, Brüderlichkeit!

Denke global, handle vor Ort.
Der Mensch hat das Recht auf Arbeit
und das Recht auf selbstgebackenes Brot
das Recht auf Erde
diese Erde!

What do you have to do?

The activities are divided in several steps:
1. you give your ok for your name on this site
2. some times make a web-earth meeting on visuell/ Chat
3. you send a piece of earth from your country
4. we mix the pieces together
5. to plant a tree

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